Clinton said the United States will meet with North Korea to finalize details for a proposed package of 240,000 metric tons of food aid, referring to it as “nutritional assistance.” She said intensive monitoring of the aid would be required

(CBS/AP) WASHINGTON – North Korea has agreed to suspend uranium enrichment and a moratorium on nuclear and long-range missile tests in a breakthrough in negotiations with the United States. The joint announcement Wednesday by the two nations comes little more…

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Pictures: Elizabeth Taylor, 1932-2011 Hill remarked that, after reading the book, “It’s just astounding the honesty that they shared with one another.” “Yes,” Schoenberger said|There were a number of men, as we know, and he was not the first one that she stole|”She was the most famous actress in her day|It was a presence, though, that did not just have a hold on Richard Burton|”There was the public marriage of Liz and Dick, which is the tabloid fodder and the Battling Burtons, and they loved these public fights|Think Bennifer (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez)}

It may be hard to understand in some ways just how obsessed the world was with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton – unless you were alive during that time. Think Bennifer (Ben Affleck and 완주출장마사지 Jennifer Lopez). Think Brangelina (Brad…

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Revelations last summer that voicemail phone hacking went far beyond one rogue reporter at Murdoch’s News of the World tabloid have led to three parallel police investigations and an inquiry into Britain’s media ethics

Updated at 12:01 p.m. ET (AP) LONDON – James Murdoch, the executive at the epicenter of the phone-hacking scandal at his father’s British newspapers, is stepping down as executive chairman of News Corp.’s U.K. newspaper arm. News Corp. (NWSA) said…

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{Paul Newman among Elizabeth Taylor’s many famous co|Throughout her acting career she consistently worked with some of the biggest names in film and television|A partial list of Taylor’s co-stars includes Rock Hudson and James Dean (“Giant); Spencer Tracy (“Father of the Bride,” in which she plays the bride to Tracy’s put-upon father); William Powell (“Life with Father”); Montgomery Clift (“A Place in the Sun,” “Raintree County,” “Suddenly Last Summer”); Richard Burton (“Cleopatra,” “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” for whcih Taylor won the Best Actress Academy Award) Roddy McDowell (“Lassie Come Home”); Eddie Fisher (“BUtterfield 8,” Taylor’s first Best Actress Oscar); Marlon Brando (“Reflections in a Golden Eye”); Warren Beatty (“The Only Game in Town”); Michael Caine (“X, Y and Zee”); Henry Fonda (“Ash Wednesday”); Peter O’Toole (“Under Milk Wood”)|(CBS) With her lengthy screen resume and high-profile personal life, Elizabeth Taylor became a Hollywood legend|Even in her first film role in “There’s One Born Every Minute” (1942), one of her co-stars was Carl Switzer, better known by his household name, Alfalfa, from the “Our Gang” shorts|Newman’s career was in an upswing – he starred in “The Left Handed Gun” and “The Long, Hot Summer” earlier that year – when he played Brick Pollitt, alcoholic husband to Taylor’s Maggie “the Cat” in the screen version of Tennessee Williams’ play|

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