There is a building which has 14 floors A person who is in 12 th floor goes down always in lift But when he goes to home he will go up to 5th floor in lift after that he walks.why? –

3 years agoBecause he or she can’t press the 12th floor on the jasa pembuatan lift murah, he or she only can press the 5th floor. That’s why the person has to walk.

What do you call a person who installs floors?

You call him an installer.

What will happen if you drop a penny off a building?

It depends how tall the building is, if it’s a small building, it would probably just bruise the person, but if it where on a tall building, it would either kill the person, or knock the person out.. so don’t do it!

Is a land loan always considered investment property?

No, a land loan is not always considered investment property. It is only considered as such if the person receiving the loan has the intent of building a profitable business over the land.

Is a floor scrubber a tool for cleaning floors, or is it the title of a cleaning job?

It is both, a floor scrubber can be a pneumatic scrapper, buffer, etc, or it can also be a person who scrubs floors. lol.

What does a laggard person always do?

A laggard person always lingers.

Who is a person who plans and draws the design of the building?

The person is an architect.

A person who is always boasting?

a person who is always boasting is called a braggart.

Can a Snorlax jump over a building?

Snorlax cannot jump over a building . It is impossible for a person to jump over a building.

A person who is always boating?

a person that’s always boating… there’s fishermen?

What do you call the person who always lie?

A person who always lies is called a liar.

What type of noun is the word roosevelt building?

The noun Roosevelt Building is a singular, concrete, proper noun. A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, or thing. There are a number of buildings named Roosevelt Building around the US and whichever one is referred to, it is the name of a specific thing. A proper noun is always capitalized.

How can you find out when a person is depressed?

the person is not talking to anyone..irritated..the person is always inside the room or always alone

Where can you find the owner of a spicific building?

In Maine you go to the town clerk’s office and find out who is responsible for paying the taxes on the building. Then you go to the Registry of Deeds for the county in which the building is situated and find out whether the person responsibly for paying the taxes is the person who owns the building.

What is a Builder?

a builder is a person that is building something

Who is partheon?

The Parthenon is not a person. The Parthenon was a building


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